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I'm a certified Transformational Life Coach and BodyMind Maturation Coach.

Every time I started a new corporate job I would soon find myself itching for more. I felt unfulfilled, dissatisfied and overwhelmed by the options available to me. I felt stuck in a 9-5 corporate job with no sense of freedom to do what I love. I had lost track of what I really wanted and instead just went on a path I thought I needed to be on.

Deep down I knew that there was something more out there waiting for me. My coaching journey began when I took part in the Transformative Coaching course (by the Animas Centre of Coaching) and became a Transformative Coach in 2020. Two years later I found myself wanting to deepen my knowledge on the Human Being and took part in the Alchemy of Being course and became a Maturation Coach in 2022.

The Human Being is fascinating to me and I am grateful to be able to help people on a deeper level and guide them on their journey called Life.

Find your way back to the heart of who you are.


Maturation is the next step in development. It's releasing everything you are not in order to create spaciousness for who you truly are to birth through. It's not about shifting your external stuff. It's about going to the root and from there the external shifts happen naturally.



Nathalie Armstrong
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